Our New Website

A note from the webmaster:

Welcome and thank you for checking out our new website! Since joining the society early in 2014, volunteering to take on the duties of webmaster, and joining the board several months later as a trustee, I’ve been hard at work trying to pinpoint our online needs. It’s important for any organization these days to have a solid online presence, which we have achieved with this site as well as with the improvements to our Facebook page in the fall. Additionally, we have a lot of correspondence with people interested in their heritage but are no longer living in the area, so we wanted to facilitate the ability to research from home – or at least get started.

If you were familiar with our previous site hosted by RootsWeb, it still exists, since that address is still listed on a number of other websites. Most of the content has been transferred to the new site, however, and visitors to the old site will be redirected here.

I hope you’ll find the new site easy to navigate. You’ll find all of the same information our old site had available – primarily, our index of death notices and obituaries from the Stockbridge papers. Now that it’s up and running, in the coming months I hope to make a lot more information available online, from back issues of the newsletter to a searchable index of the Society’s holdings, photo galleries, and volunteer opportunities for community members who would like to be more involved.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the site, or for content you’d like to see available here, please add a comment below!

Thanks again!
– Laura Walsh

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